Kids Hair Cut

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Kids’ Hair Cut

We don’t just want kids to have great haircuts, we want kids to have healthy, strong and manageable hair.  Kids’ Hair offers that includes hair issues that seem to stick to kids, literally.  All Kids’ Hair Care services are all-natural .

Conditioning Treatment

This treatment is perfect for dry, brittle hair or hair that gets tangled easily.

  • Strengthens hair and replenishes moisture
  • Makes hair more manageable to comb through, detangles
  • Leaves hair looking and feeling healthy

What makes a Kids’ Hair Haircut different?  So many things! Our stylists are specially trained to cut and style children’s hair.

Our Experts cuts are designed to be wearable and hassle free.  Also, our salon environment is designed for safety, comfort and fun specially we have  toys and ride  for children to enjoy while we cut there hair .

Kids Haircut Menu

  • Kids’ Hair Haircut
  • Bang Trim or Lining
  • Styling

First Hair Cut 

Kids’ Hair offers a safe, gentle and fun environment to make the first haircut experience memorable and comfortable.  Our experienced team of stylists are specially trained to work with the littlest customers.

Funky Hair 

Funky Hair includes a fun, wacky hair styling and , stripes.

We believe that children deserve the same creative, precise and high standard of hair style  as men and women.Try us to experience our unique and best  kids hair cut service plus we have the best treats in town! which includes spraying their hair with water before cutting, followed by an express blow dry. This all happens whilst they munch cookies, watch cartoons .